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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why Politics and Unions do not Mix Well.

I am not sure the real core issue facing beleaguered homeonwers is breaking up the "too big to fail" banks. I think the "big four" (Wells Fargo, Citibank, Chase and Bank of America) might actually be an asset to the country IF intelligent financial rules were put in place.
Perhaps we are facing the irony of the "gift of the magi" because the "too big to fail banks" could instantly be a huge asset to the country, if they would not fight the real financial reform that is needed.
And of course, just who actually knows what the real financial reform is, that is needed?

My personal reservations about A New Way Forward is that it may be seeded too strongly with union groups. On top of that, I am no longer interested in community activism if the primary thing the activists do is figure out how to get their community a bigger cut of the tax pie. Apparently, at the recent rally pictured below in Illinois people were allegedly chanting "Raise our Taxes".
The problem is the Unions are having it both ways. The unions appear to prefer both political parties fight over their union members' vote, but then they also are involved in "grass roots" movements as well.

I would suggest that when the unions forced their members to vote for Barack Obama during the 2008 democratic primary and caucus contests, they created the present problem. Barack Obama was a worthy democratic candidate in 2008, but it is ridiculous to presume he actually beat Hillary Clinton fairly and squarely. If the 2008 democratic primary and caucus races had been fairly conducted, Hillary Clinton would have ended up with between 52-54 percent of the vote, and a similar delegate advantage as well.

Instead, democratic caucus cheating was rampant. I studied the caucus vote counts and basically Barack Obama's entire delegate lead over Hillary Clinton came from tainted caucus contests that never came close to representing what the polling companies were getting.

At one point, the polling companies actually did not want to disclose their results regarding caucus contests because they knew that Hillary Clinton was being shortchanged and they did not want to look so inaccurate in their pre-caucus poll results.

Then we have the strange case of Illinois (Barack Obama's residence state) moving up its 2008 primary date by 7 weeks to early February, while Michigan and Florida (Hillary Clinton states) were penalized for moving their date up. Barack Obama's landslide victory in Illinois gave him an advantage that he trumpeted in the 10 caucus contests that immediately followed that primary.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton had nothing to show for Michigan other than the mudslinging from Barack Obama to New Hampshire and Iowa voters condemning Michigan for trying to move up their primary date too close to theirs, and condemning Hillary Clinton for keeping her name on the ballot in Michigan as well.

The Michigan and Florida primaries were going to go to Hillary Clinton, Illinois was going to go to Barack Obama. Barack Obama got his bounce, Hillary Clinton was denied hers. the messing with these three states alone stole the democratic nomination from Hillary Clinton.

Factor in the caucus cheating, in which Hillary Clinton was either tied or leading in the polls in virtually all caucus contests but ended up losing the caucus delegate count by a 2-1 MARGIN to Barack Obama and the result was clearly in Hillary Clinton's favor.

I believe the unions paid a deep price for possibly contributing to several unethical maneuvers in 2008 to get Barack Obama selected over Hillary Clinton. (Research 2008 Las Vegas democratic caucus, Iowa caucus vote totals from precincts that border Illinois, and the late voter primary counts in Indiana precincts that also border Illinois).

Now the unions don't like what they see and they want a do over.
Hillary Clinton would not have let the banks walk all over her and that is why Barack Obama started to get large Wall Street donor campaigns.
When a self professed documentary filmmaker such as Michael Moore says nothing about the abuse his own state of Michigan was put through during in the 2008 democratic primary race, and also says nothing about Illinois moving its own primary date up 7 weeks to game the system, we can reasonably assume that SOMETHING WAS GOING ON.

I would suggest that the biggest political problems unions face is the idea that all of their votes are supposed to go to one candidate to maximize their influence. Why treat union workers so miserably by forcing them to go with one candidate? Why should union workers be treated as mindless minions whose vote can only go to the union committee selected candidate?

When politicians try to win the Union Vote, or when they try to win the Chamber of Commerce Vote, and so on down the line, it just contributes to all the political divisiveness that we presently are facing. If the Unions are for breaking up the banks, than for sure republicans will be against it.

If the unions had let the voting public decide who was the stronger candidate in 2008 between Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, then backed that candidate, they probably would be in a better position right now. AND, they would not have set a horrible precedent of prematurely manipulating the selection of the democratic party presidential candidate before the democratic voters of the country had voted.

So what does all of this have to do with the April 29th, 2010 protest march on Wall Street? The unions have created a polarized environment, which means any effort they make, no matter how legitimate, will automatically result in a backlash from those who have dealt with the unions in the past and not gotten the union vote.

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