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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Apparently Keep your Home California dot org uses ILLEGAL practices before they will help you.

One of the biggest controversies over the home loan modification programs of the past was that to become eligible, one had to fall behind on their mortgage payments. If a homeowner was using rising credit card debt to pay monthly bills so they would have enough actual cash left over to pay their mortgage every month, that homeowner would most likely not be considered eligible for a home loan modification. 

Yet once a homeowner was in arrears on their mortgage, the mortgage servicer could begin what is known as parallel foreclosure proceedings. Parallel Foreclosure meant that a homeowners home was going to be foreclosed upon but if by some miracle a new mortgage payment plan was completed in time, the foreclosure could be halted. All this means is that the homeowner is at the mercy of a government program to ride in and save them in a timely manner from an already in progress foreclosure. Ha ha, good luck with that.  Sometimes it worked, other times it did not. 

So in rides Keep Your Home California dot org, bombarding prime time television in the Los Angeles area with commercials. Curious to see how the up to $100,000 in mortgage forgiveness program worked, I answered their 11 questions. Sure enough, I failed and was not eligible for their mortgage relief program. The reason? I was not behind on my mortgage! I could become eligible were I to fall two mortgage payments behind. 

In other words, the only way to be eligible for a mortgage reduction is to prove you are a deadbeat first. Being a homeowner who is extremely frugal but struggling does not count, one must be an actual financial deadbeat. Once a homeowner's mortgage is more than 30 days in arrears the bank can and probably does report to the credit bureau that the homeowner is behind. Once a home is more than 30 days in arrears, parallel foreclosure can commence as well, even though parallel foreclosures are supposed to be illegal. 

I'd like to suggest the next big thing for consumers. A way to put 10 grand in an escrow or trust account to be used to hire an attorney, and kept in reserve without it being counted as an available asset. That way at least the consumer will still have one more way to fight through the BS once they rely on one government program to save them from what a previous government program failed to accomplish on their behalf.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

CNBC Squawk Box: Sen. Warren Leads Glass Steagall Charge to Break Up Big Banks

Elizabeth Warren got the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau created. Now its time to reintroduce Glass Steagall, no? Even Carl Icahn wants to see Glass Stegall brought back to life.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Television foreclosure prevention infomercial on Veritas Law Group by Alan Mendelson of Best Buys.

I am not recommending nor am I condemning the content of the embeded video below. 

I am however impressed by the tone, pacing and content of this television show put out by Alan Mendelson of Best Buys. 

Please use the comments section if you want to share your experience regarding the Veritas Law Group. Above is the show I saw on television, courtesy of Youtube.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's 2013 and banks are still foreclosing on homeowners who miss one payment, even when they come up with the money to get caught up.

As bad as Barack Obama has been regarding protecting homeowners against ridiculous foreclosure actions such as this one by Wells Fargo, republican politicians have been worse for not calling Obama to task on rampant foreclosures as they also celebrate initial problems with Obama Care.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Debt Suspension Rights: Why can't alleged Credit Card Defaulters plead vol...

Debt Suspension Rights: Why can't alleged Credit Card Defaulters plead vol...: Alleged credit card defaulters should be allowed to plead voluntary,  involuntary, or innocent when it comes to credit card default in cou...

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Tributes shrouded in Hypocrisy thanks to the Dodd/Frank Bill.

It disgusts me to see people in awe of veterans on memorial day while those veterans home equity was stolen from them by the Dodd/Frank bill.

Please check out my Debt Suspension Rights article illustrating how seniors, (including veterans of several wars), have been screwed over by the Dodd/Frank bill when it comes to taking small draws against the equity in their home.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Judge Rules in favor of Libor Fraud because it only financially crippled main street.

Here is a critical excerpt from that dealbook article about judge Naomi Reice Buchwald of Federal District Court in Manhattan ruling against the common man suing the banks about the banks ADMITTED a conspiratorial banking fraud regarding the LIBOR scandal. But definitely check out the entire DealBook article as there is other important info as well....
Her decision (the judge) came on a motion to dismiss filed by the banks arguing that the plaintiffs could not prove a violation of the law even if it could be shown that interest-rate manipulation caused them financial harm.
So what the judge has concluded is, if a burglar steals from you, but you cannot prove you were actually harmed, then the burglar is absolved. Yes, that is EXACTLY what judge Naomi Reice Buchwald of Federal District Court in Manhattan just concluded.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Los Angeles Better Business Bureau shut down over allegations of pay to play.

Learn more about this BBB being shut down in Los Angeles by clicking here. I recall in the late 80's and early 90's being encouraged to register my business. I seem to recall it was just about the money back then, as well.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Love Affair with Exotic Debt Returns - ETF Guide

Wall Street doesn't really create much of anything. Instead Wall Street simply re-packages existing success stories in an attempt to squeeze the last little pulp of profit out of them. 

Of course Wall Street then takes their fees and commission off the top, then they escape before problems with the investment "opportunity" come to light.

If the problems grow too big, they simply have the government bail them out.

Monday, July 23, 2012

KCTV5 Investigates: Missouri's foreclosure settlement money - KCTV 5

In Missouri, the home foreclosure settlement money was sent to the legislature, which in turn allocated it to "higher education" to offset the pension promises made over the past few decades that are starting to create budget imbalances in many states. 

These pension promises were usually made by democrat politicians in exchange for the union's vote.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Lunatic Progressive Fringe of the Democrat Party and the Insufferable Neo Con Element of the Republican Party continue to destroy the world with their uncompromising positions.

Anyone who is paying down their overall consumer debt levels every month should have their interest rates slashed to almost zero. This one act alone would almost instantly fix the world economy and fairly rebalance wealth in a relatively short amount of time.

The powers that be have manipulated news coverage into two stark and disparate corners, it's either "debt forgiveness" by the lunatic progressive wing of the democrat party, or "get a job" by the insufferable republican neo cons.

In the middle, where MOST americans actually live and breathe as moderate conservatives and moderate liberals, (and where Hillary  Clinton is most popular) resonates a more reasonable position, "Can I get an interest rate reduction if I am lowering my overall debt level every month?"

Yes, fixing the economy is really that simple.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Higher unemployment could be a good thing, if handled correctly.

Higher unemployment rates could be a good thing if it also means the consumption of resources is declining as well. 

Here's an example of how higher unemployment can both help the planet and the economy. If someone is caretaking for a family member instead of "working", and if that family member also does all the necessary chores around the house, including gardening, water and energy conservation, that's actually a good thing since the person is reducing their "footprint" on the earth's resources.

However, it is wall street and the rich elite that get the media to report that all unemployment is bad for the economy. Unemployment simply means one is not receiving cash for work they may be doing.

This work only matters if cash is involved is simply a ridiculous notion. 

A person who conserves all kinds of resources, grows food from their own property, recycles ALL of their vegetable, fruit and vegetation clippings back into their own property (along with some of their neighbors grass clippings as well), and care takes for one or both parents while living in the same house, is actually an economic benefit to those who must rely on additional resource consumption for working away from the home.

The notion that everyone must have a job where they either commute by car, or attempt to work from home trying to get other people to buy a product or service, is mind numbingly backwards, outdated, and old school.  

Work is work. 

It is work to conserve overall consumption of energy resources, it is work to garden, it is work to recycle, it is work to caretake for an elderly member. All of these conservation and healthcare activities actually reduce overall use of resources, both environmentally and state resources as well, yet the person doing all of these activities is treated like a pariah by the banks, the state, the insurance industry, and even the government.

As for governments and big business trading green energy credits, bring that on baby, because there is plenty of money to be made  between governments when it comes to fabricating green energy credits.

Where are my green energy credits? The ones that I personally earn?

And once again, just like the bailout, the government and the banks hold onto the green energy credits for themselves, never passing it down to those who are actually doing the conservation.

Don't be duped by stupid economic news that claims that job growth is the only answer to a successful economy. Success can be as simple as a wheel. If you have to carry something heavy by yourself, it is usually an ineffectual way to do it.  

But if you have a wheel barrow, grocery cart, or many other forms of non motorized wheel transportation, your task is made much easier. Should the economic indicators and forecasters complain because non motorized wheel technology can actually help increase people power while conserving energy? They kind of do, every day, we just don't realize it.

Of course, Barack Obama gets no credit for higher unemployment for one simple fact, the bankers and debt collectors are stealing whatever assets americans still have with unfair, heartless, excessive interest rate charges, penalties, and fees collections no matter what the reason for the debt!

If consumers were LOWERING their overall debt levels while unemployment rose, that would actually be ok! But that could only happen if Obama had been prescient enough to favor debt neutrality.

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