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Monday, May 31, 2010

How is Jamie Dimon of Chase Bank commemorating Memorial Day for Soldiers on Duty to reduce their debt burden?

What does Wall Street, and bankers such as Jamie Dimon, do on Memorial Day to help our own soldiers pay down their debts? I'm not talking debt forgiveness. However, knowing that an american soldier can't take a second job to pay down a debt, how about a fixed, lower credit card interest rate for veteran families?

Even if the banks want to attach a stipulation that the fixed lower interest rate would apply to any veteran family that is actually paying down their credit card debt, lowering the interest rate to something reasonable, like, 9.99 percent, would actually help stretch a veteran families budget.

It's amazing how disconnected Wall Street is from all of us when they can't even acknowledge the men and women who actually risk their lives in far away countries so bankers like Jamie Dimon can work.

There are some guidelines in place that are supposed to protect veterans and their families from crazy high interest rate charges, but apparently there are ways around it.

Friday, May 21, 2010

All Aboard the X-Train to Vegas.

All Aboard the X-Train to Vegas. On a sister blog of mine called Wall Street Change, I had just written about the X-Train to Vegas when a day or so later Andy Rooney provided a stinging rebuke of the Gambling Industry and its detrimental role to our economy. I added that video to the article.

However, the X-Train to Vegas article link above takes a pro-active role in suggesting ways Vegas can be helpful to the U.S. economy, and that can help create jobs that keeps people in their homes.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

JP Morgan is Shut down and barred from trying to Foreclose.

I found the above headline, JP Morgan Chase is shut down and barred from trying to foreclose, here. So it can be done. It might be worth considering having your lawyers research the article link and see if they need to contact the company that won their battle against Chase Bank.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Did Loan Safe Cross the recruiting members line by reporting on a foreclosure suicide?

Both myself (Swarm the Banks), and Shame the Banks have visited loan safe forums in the past.

Once I got past the embarrassing amount of ads that proliferate all over loan safe forums, I registered. I then decided to add signature links in my posts via the control panel that every loan safe forum member receives when they sign up. In other words, I used a signature link option that loan safe forums makes available to their members. But when I did this, I was accused of poaching loan safe for "traffic" to my sites.

Since I have no forum of my own, and loan safe is a forum based web site, it is basically impossible to poach members because the services each site offers is different from each other. If I was offering a forum based website about home loans, then loan safe's concerns would have been valid. However, it did not seem to matter to loan safe what type of website I had, if loansafe members went to it, then that made me a poacher! (not their words but close enough)

Besides this being a tacky way to recruit members, isn't loan safe poaching members of other internet sites by using news stories they had nothing to do with, so they can gain members?

Why is it ok for loan safe to use other news agencies stories to drive membership to their site, but if other site owners such as swarm the banks or shame the banks try to get the word out about what they are doing, suddenly we are not welcome at Loan Safe? Especially if we cross link and even do write ups about loan safe on our own blogs!

The answer is, many blog and website owners who are over the age of 35-40 basically don't get the concept that sending traffic elsewhere is just as important as the traffic they receive.

Which brings me to my book, The Cat Who Ate Chase Bank, which I have now postponed twice. The first postponement was because I upgraded to Apple's Snow Leopard (specifically because I was writing the book!) but snow leopard basically rendered my camera worthless for FIVE MONTHS because Apple put no provisions for Canon's Power shot cameras to continue working with Canon's software on the Apple Snow Leopard platform.

Instead of just stewing about Apple's arrogance, I decided to stew and change the focus of my book to internet consumer advocate heroes. However, I ended up postponing that idea because prospective heroes I found appeared to be unwilling to share their spotlight, to share links back and forth with other consumer advocate heroes to create a bigger, stronger consumer advocacy network.

Creating a bigger network of people to fight for logic and fairness is one way to achieve a worthwhile goal, and I'm sticking to that plan.

Chase’s Dimon to Students: You Can ‘Hold Me Accountable’ | ecreditdaily.com

I'm reluctant to search for a transcript of what Jamie Dimon said at the 2010 Syracuse University commencement day speech because I might read it, and then probably get really annoyed at the heaping helpings of hypocrisy that probably exist within Dimon's prose.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Law Offices of John Ribarich YouTube Video Testimonials created by Alan "Best Buys" Mendelson southern california infomercials.

I don't know anything about the southern california law offices of John Ribarich, however infomercial producer and on air talent Alan Mendelson has produced an infomercial featuring the Ribarich Law Group.

If Lawyers can help homeowners keep their homes, then lets help the lawyers get so much business they become experts in fighting back for consumers.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

How financial banking headlines tell lies and falsify what the article is actually about!

The above headline "Mass usury law a weak weapon vs big lenders" COMPLETELY CHANGES THE CONTENT AND FOCUS of the article. The actual article is an incredibly positive story of the states fighting back against the banksters by taking state money out of too big to fail banks that charge more than 18% interest.

However, the headline "Mass usury law a weak weapon vs big lenders" makes it sound like it is a losing battle even though the battle has just started! I am apoplectic over this.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Shame on Sixty Minutes and their Strategic Default Homeowner Story.

I felt like Sixty Minutes COMPLETELY IGNORED the other side of the home foreclosure discussion with their Strategic Default hit piece against well to do homeowners.

What is the point in staying in ANY home that is upside down if years later the bank will not let you access the home equity line that you may have built up by staying in the home, and making payments until the home was no longer upside down?

The homeownership carrot of a home equity line has been taken away by the same banksters that have also stolen bailout money and kept it for their own bonuses. These same entities may also be using their huge bonuses as seed money on wall street to suck you back into investing!

Sixty Minutes focused their story on "Strategic Defaults" as if these homeowners are thieves, and as if these homeowners are a huge contingent!
If the banks and government banking regulations can take away a homeowner's option to use their own home as their own survival equity bank when times are tough, why should a homeowner keep their word years earlier when the home may be upside down?
NOBODY in the media is talking about the banksters stealing homeowners down payments and their built up equity via foreclosure, instead, the news focuses on strategic defaults and all the "upside down" homes, as if that is the only issue on the table.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sixty Minutes Story on Strategic Defaults to air May 09, 2010 on CBS

I presume the sixty minutes story about Strategic Default, slated for May 09, 2010 on CBS, won't delve into people who don't presently have a job but have plenty of home equity in their home, being denied access to their home equity and even being foreclosed upon as a result.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Should homeowners be foreclosed upon if they have built up equity in their home?

It is a struggle for me to understand how homeowners are being foreclosed upon if they have built up equity in their home. Example, a home is worth $200,000, and the homeowner has either paid either made a healthy down payment of $75,000, or over the years has built up $75,000 dollars worth of home equity. Is it really fair for the banks to foreclose on the home, short sell it for $125,000 dollars, and basically rob the homeowner of the $75,000 dollar down payment or the home equity that they have already built up?

I consider the above scenario insane and until Barack Obama and Congress deal with this issue head on, they are frauds in my book, ALL OF THEM. How dare they give out tax credits to first time home owners while they allow the banks to steal built up wealth from existing homeowners.

I am pretty certain Hillary Clinton would not have allowed this plundering to occur, and that is why her campaign was sabotaged behind the scenes by democratic higher ups during the 2008 democratic primary.

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