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Friday, June 3, 2011

Reader Pattie Pinpoints the EXACT ISSUE regarding the REAL HOUSING CRISIS in a Swarm The Banks commentary.

Pattie has left a new comment on your post "NACA Los Angeles Convention Center "Save the Dream...":
"NACA is back in LA June 2-6. We went to try and get help numerous times last time they were in LA. But received no assistance at all. Seems that they only help people that are behind on their loans. Not those who have tried to keep current on their loans by borrowing from family, draining savings, selling everything they have, doing without food and medical necessities..... Just to keep current on their mortgage.

We definitely can not keep up with our bills and mortgage due to pay and hour cuts and high medical costs. Yet we were told by Naca, the only way they could help us is if we stop paying our mortgage. On top of everything else, we do not want to take a chance in losing our home. But that is what NACA is asking to MAYBE help us get a lower interest rate and lower the payment.

Can this deceptive practice be looked into? Shouldn't they (NACA) also be helping the people who are "trying to do the right thing" and pay the people they owe? Is it right for them to ask you to stop paying creditors just to get help from them?"

Thank you so much for your time,
Patricia R (she continues below)

"Its not about buying more than you can afford. Its about pay cuts, hour cuts, and just plain layoffs. Who can plan for that? If you plan to be jobless……then your mortgage should be zero dollars a month. Is that possible? Our mortgage was only 20% of our income until my husband experienced pay and hour cuts and I got a cut in disability payments. I cant work and my husband took on a second job. We are trying…..but still not making ends meet. Definitely NO money for much needed medical care. Is this OUR fault? "

Patricia, what you are experiencing is the triangulation of our country into three segmented communities, two of those communities, die hard republican and die hard democrats, are being represented, but there is a third component which is being completely ignored by Barack Obama, the Democrats, the Republicans, and the Media as well.

What you are also experiencing is what I have been warning about for the past couple of years. The media news outlets have purposely carved out ultra right and ultra left positions on virtually all news stories, forcing those in the middle to "choose" one side or the other, or be left out in the cold.

Main street IS NOT necessarily connected with being a union worker with a government job, yet the media has purposely merged these two groups together in an epic struggle against the budget cutting republicans.
The REAL issue is, if you present a monthly budget that proves you could pay your monthy bills, pay down your debts, and pay your mortgage with lower interest rates on your credit card debt and mortgage, the government is less interested in helping you than the people who allow parallel foreclosure and dual track foreclosure to commence before they can even apply for help.
Barack Obama and his administration appears like he is helping homeowners when he is actually helping enable a massive theft of homeowner property of the likes unseen before. A republican president would have been just as bad, maybe worse.

Hillary Clinton represented true main street and the media has tilted to the far left and right, marginalizing tens of millions of people into nothingness.

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LWillhite said...

Dear Patricia,

Just to get to the practical side of your comment, I would like to say that as a NACA staff employee, I know our counselors are trained not to tell the homeowner they have to be behind in their mortgage. Imminent default is also considered where you are current but have documentation proof that you will not be in the next month or so.
I want to extend a courtesy to you in giving you our forum address to make your comments and get assistance from our NACA staff in a timely manner. http://forums.naca.com/forum/

Alessandro Machi said...

L Willhite, you are welcome to write an article about NACA for Swarm the Banks.

It appears to me that one can't work with the government AND affect change as well. Surely there are procedures that NACA witnesses everyday that they would like to see changed and improved, but NACA is probably not given any venue to voice their viewpoint to the government in a productive manner.

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